ASU retreat ListeningIsTheKey sees life as a journey of the soul, the point of which is not to be able to say, ‘I’ve got the biggest/fastest/loudest…’ [bank account, car, house, stereo, bench-press…altho any of these things may well show up on the journey]; the point is to interact with what life gives you in an uplifting way, in a way that:
  • Creates paths for all of us to grow our bank accounts
  • Calls forth everyone’s greatest qualities, including your enemy’s
  • Ensures an ever-improving relationship to the planet we inhabit
mens group 2010That’s what’s called triple bottom-line economics.

You have never not been connected intimately with the world around you from the cellular- thru the social- to the spiritual level of your being. Yet we operate in life like: “If you stay out of my yard, I’ll stay out of yours,” “I feel like I’m swimming against the current,” “I guess I’ll have to figure this out on my own,” i.e. disconnected, separate, individual, unsupported, misunderstood, alone. We all know this, profoundly down inside. The question is: What will you make of this patent relatedness?

Our coaching conversations about Purpose, Presence, Power and Passion:bless family 2
  • What are you here for? What’s the essential quality you embody in connection to yourself, other and the world? In our partnership, you discover your true reason for coming into and making a difference in this life.
  • Don’t make the mistake of allowing the ego-mind to choose your relationships, your career, how you spend your money, your self-care, everything. Until you take charge of the mind, you remain distracted, self-centered, unhappy and struggling against the natural flow of circumstances. My clients and I train at quieting the mind, using it appropriately, and developing intuition.les kelly doc
  • Set up structures to support manifesting the things you want, meaning: mnemonic devices, organizational systems, accountability and mastery of integral technology.
  • Most people think they want what their friends and relatives, the TV and internet are pushing; but once we talk, and you get access to your deepest truth, then real passion begins to flow and life gets much richer and creamier.

Listening is the I N N O V A T I O N !  Here are the four prerequisites to Innovation...


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