What’s Integrity got to do with Productivity?

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What’s Integrity got to do with Productivity?

You up your productivity many times over when you restore wholeness and completion.
Remember how when you organize the clutter on your desk, or clean out your garage, all of a sudden new ideas come to you, people you’ve been trying to reach finally call back, and you feel like you’ve got a new take on life somehow.

The reason things are able to flow again is because you patched up a hole in your integrity by cleaning up your space.  This is an example of how integrity can be ‘out.’  We’re not using the term integrity in any moral sense here.  Integrity simply refers to the way things need to be in order to function well, a.k.a. their original state.  You can’t be productive when your desk is basically a display of all the unfinished conversations, incomplete tasks, and random good ideas not yet realized.  A garage that’s piled high with garbage and disorganization is not functional in the way it is meant to serve.  Similarly a marriage in which the partners do not feel free to communicate is dysfunctional.

Another way of looking at integrity is as the state of being connected to true purpose.  You and your desk are not connected to your true purpose when it’s a heap of messes.  Instead you’re distracted, disconnected, not your inherently productive self.  The garage is not usable in the way it’s meant to be, i.e. not connected to its intended purpose, when you can’t park the car in it.  The intended purpose of a partnership is to work and play through the ups and downs of life together; so if communication is stymied, it’s hardly a partnership.

There are three main levels of integrity.  When you restore functionality, or connection to original purpose, life works productively again, the way it’s supposed to.

  • Level 1 of integrity is about doing what you say.  You say, ‘I’ll be at the meeting at 9 a.m..’  You then do what it takes and arrive on time at the meeting.  That’s a kind of productivity.  It’s the same kind as saying, ‘I’m going to engage three new qualified clients this quarter.’ When you then do what it takes to engage those three new qualified clients, you are maintaining integrity with what you said.
  • Level 2 of integrity is about obeying the rules.  When the compliance department finds your records and procedures to be in good order, you are in a certain kind of Level 2 integrity.  Notice the drag on your productivity when you are not:  extra paperwork, fines, limits on your movement, and classes about things you already know.

Level 2 integrity can override Level 1 sometimes. ‘Yes, I said I’d be here by 9 a.m..  However, because my daughter needed some extra attention this morning, I didn’t leave the house in time to arrive by 9.  I would have had to drive faster than the speed limit to get here by 9; but I chose not to break the law, and I’m late.’  Breaking the law, fighting with authorities, paying a fine or appearing in court…all of this would be highly unproductive.

  • Level 3 integrity is alignment with your life’s purpose, with the reason you’re here on this planet at this time.  When a person spends too much of life partying, complaining or swindling others, to take a few examples, then—just in case you weren’t sure those are not your purpose in life—the universe shows you this by sapping your productivity.

Level 3 integrity can sometimes override Level 2.  Martin L. King Jr. broke the law (albeit peaceably) in order to fulfill his life’s purpose:  emancipation of black people in the U.S.A..  His doing so was enormously productive of freedom around the world.

1)      Take time today to look at where you are disconnected from what you said you’d do.  You might need to simply go back and revoke your original promise, and make a new one, one that you will keep.  Practice declaring what you will do, and then doing it, building the muscle of Level 1 integrity.  Start small, building your power with baby-steps:  ‘I said I’d pick up groceries on the way home; and I did that.’  ‘I promised I would not watch the late late show for a week; and I didn’t.’  Eventually you’ll be able to make really big promises (‘I’m going to double my production this year.’), and know your power to fulfill on them.

2)      Take time today to look at where you are disconnected from the rules of the game.  You will
enjoy more and better quality production once you restore your Level 2 integrity.  A friend of mine reported to me:  ‘It’s not a big deal to use the HOV lane even though I’m the only one in the car.  But somehow, not breaking the law by using the HOV lane, I’m getting to work faster than when I was cheating.  Go figure!’

3)      Take time today to look at where you are disconnected from your real purpose in this life.
There is no heavier encumbrance on your ability to accomplish things than when the things you’re trying to accomplish have nothing to do with what you really want.  Why are you not successful at pushing product?  Maybe because your purpose is to serve people instead.  Why
can’t you get much done after 5 p.m.?  Perhaps your purpose at that time of day is to play with your children.  If you go home at 5 today, and come back to work refreshed in the morning, you will produce more tomorrow, and it will be of much better quality.

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Dr. Kettelhut has coached groups and corporate teams, as well as individual entrepreneurs and executives, since 1997. Before then “Doc” taught ethics, logic and aesthetics at Temple, Villanova and Drexel Universities in the Philadelphia area. His coaching practice grows out of a deep desire to bring transformational tools into the marketplace and economy.
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