Right now our world needs great leaders, leaders in innovation, sales, compassion, education, social policy, technology and many other areas.  The root of true leadership is the ability to hear what’s really going on.  The teleconference series “Listening for Leadership” is training in:

  • Eliciting the Best in Others
  • Managing with Tough Love
  • Choosing Wisely a Sustainable Future
  • Living from Purpose
  • Communicating Courageously
  • Creating new ways to provide for everyone within budget

We do not want any more “leaders” who are bossy, manipulative, narcissistic and devoid of vision. You can see true leadership in:

  • The ‘paper boy who brings the newspaper right up to the door
  • The friend who tells you what you need to hear
  • The salesperson who helps you find what you really need
  • The Senator who talks of unity instead of division
  • The neighbor who assists the handicapped
  • The colleague who covers for you in a pinch
  • The uncle who put himself in rehab

Tell the good people in your life that you want to support their growth and development by introducing them to

The teleconference series “Listening for Leadership.”  In these 10 group coaching sessions we will get at the root of your ability to lead.  Cost is $1000.  You won’t want to miss a single session, as we follow the teachings and exercises in LISTEN…Till You Disappear (Amazon.com) to

    • Clear the noise in your head / limiting your power
    • Free up your unique approach and create a plan to lead effectively
    • Design the tools and strategies to fit and inspire your purpose

This series meets on a conference line Wednesdays (April 15th to June 17th) at 11a pacific / 12p mtn / 1p central / 2p eastern.  When you register you will be given a conference code.

Questions or to register, call 303 747 4449 or email martin@listeningisthekey.com.