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Trust that your truest desires are one with the universe.
In our profoundly hidden fear that we are separate (in body, mind and spirit), we think we’ve got to work against what-is to get what we want. Given that you are a piece of it, how could the universe be whole and complete if you are not happy? Given that you are a piece of the whole, how could what-is not be the perfect place for you to fit?
The universe actually wants you to have what you want, not what you THINK you want, not what you want impulsively or reactively, but what you really deeply want, what-is truly best for you, what-is ultimately fulfilling. How could what-is not be the same as what is best for you?
This is why meditation is so important. When you allow bodily and mental impulses to just be, and don’t engage with them (either to quell them or to fight them), and instead ease back into observing them, now you are being at one with the universe. You are trusting that it’s OK not to work against what-is (even if just for a moment). To allow what-is to just be, is what-is the best way to get what you really want.
The failure to recognize thoughts as thoughts, moment after moment, is what gives each of us the feeling that we call “I,” and this is the string upon which all our states of suffering and dissatisfaction are strung. This is an empirical claim, not a matter of philosophical speculation. Break the spell of thought, and the duality of subject and object will vanish—as will the fundamental difference between conventional states of happiness and suffering. (Sam Harris, The End of Faith, p 218)
Start by sitting and watching the breath. Allow it to just be. Notice the ways in which the body and mind try to get the breath to be a certain way. Practice trusting the universe to breathe you. Focus on the spaces at either end of each inhalation and exhalation, where you truly let go.
“Are you saying that getting what I want is a completely passive affair, that the universe is going to give me what I want if I just sit still?”
No. Getting what you want is not about sitting still. It is about allowing the mind to be quiet enough to allow the universe to reveal what you really want, and the best way to get it.
Consider this analogy. You want to build something out of wood. You take a hammer and nail and start pounding away. However, you bend the nail instead of sinking it, you hit your hand instead of the nail, the board splits, et cetera. If you were to stop a moment and sense the angle to hit the nail, the strength with which to hit it, even perhaps if drilling a hole and using a screw might be better…really being-one with the task, the materials, the whole situation…your intuition would allow you to comprehend how best to proceed.
Here is a true story. There was once a locomotive huffing and puffing away at a small-town station in the Austrian Alps, but it wouldn’t move; something was jammed up, and the increasing steam-pressure was threatening a dangerous explosion. Young Ludwig Wittgenstein intuited that by tapping on the wheel in a particular rhythm with a mallet, he could send a vibration through the works of the locomotive that would allow it to ease forward, which it did.
Lose your mind and come to know your wondrous power to live a transformed reality.


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Dr. Kettelhut has coached groups and corporate teams, as well as individual entrepreneurs and executives, since 1997. Before then “Doc” taught ethics, logic and aesthetics at Temple, Villanova and Drexel Universities in the Philadelphia area. His coaching practice grows out of a deep desire to bring transformational tools into the marketplace and economy.
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