Here’s why I say listening is the Key

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Here’s what I mean when I say Listening Is The Key.


All of the ailments of our society are based in fear.


All of our fears are THINKING we are separate(d):


a) We think we are separate from ourselves, meaning, we think external forces are in charge of our attention, our time, our money, our diet, our disease.


b) We think we are separate from others, meaning, we think we have no power to mend marriage, to develop companies that allow everyone in them to serve and be served optimally, to find commonalities that allow forward motion in partisan debate, to peaceably inhabit the territories of this planet.


c) We think we are separate from the environment, meaning, we think there is nothing we can do about the accelerating rise in the earth’s temperature (regardless whether we caused it or not), that no change we make will meet our energy needs, that the need to mass-produce food (given population growth) is out of our hands.


d) We think we are separate from God, meaning, we think we must repent, be re-born, and suffer in hopelessness.


Meditation is crucial to healing our ailments. Meditation allows us to hear what is actually going on (under the noise of THINKING).


Clairaudience is crucial to hearing how “All things are connected.” (Chief Seattle)


Recognizing how things are connected is what brings healing:


a) Listening to ourselves, we recognize that taking care of ourselves means taking care of the whole body-mind-Spirit complex. We intuit the body’s needs to maintain health. We teach ourselves to focus longer. We notice what really makes us happy in the long-run.


b) Listening to the history of the way we teach THINKING itself (formal reasoning, metaphysics, and epistemology), we understand that it has been overtly individualistic, that over the last 25 centuries we have taught ourselves that what are real are discreet objects (not relations).


c) Listening to the environment, we heed the universe’s ever-louder signals that there is enormous energy in wind and waves.


d) Listening (rather than talking) in prayer, we hear what is important, and what is our purpose in the “Implicate Order” of All.


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Dr. Kettelhut has coached groups and corporate teams, as well as individual entrepreneurs and executives, since 1997. Before then “Doc” taught ethics, logic and aesthetics at Temple, Villanova and Drexel Universities in the Philadelphia area. His coaching practice grows out of a deep desire to bring transformational tools into the marketplace and economy.
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