Background:  Martin W. Kettelhut, PhD

Dr. Kettelhut has coached groups and corporate teams, as well as individual entrepreneurs and executives, since 1997.  Before then “Doc” received a PhD from Temple University and taught ethics, logic and aesthetics at Villanova and Drexel Universities in the Philadelphia area.  His coaching practice grows out of a deep desire to take his PhD in philosophy into the marketplace and facilitate the transformation of business lives.

After moving to NYC, he Co-founded and was Head Coach for The Center for Excellence, a communications consulting firm specializing in training and developing financial advisors from UBS, Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo in leadership, business development and teambuilding.  “Everyone at least doubled their revenues in those programs; and we ourselves grew from five of us to 15 before we moved the company to San Diego.” –Jim Marrin, President, then for The Center for Excellence, now for MarrinCommunication, LLC.

While in southern California “Doc” accepted the invitation to facilitate the Iris Forum, the first multipartisan environmental think tank.  “We brought Encinitas’ residents and international scientists together to establish sea-wall policies; we impacted truth in organic labeling; and Californians are much better informed as to the real meaning behind Mendocino County’s ban on GMOs since we issued our ‘Synergy Statement.’” –Tad Simmons, Co-founder Iris Forum & CEO, GreenSource Corporation

Now he lives on the Front Range in Colorado, co-writing and -leading Programs for the InnerActiveInstitute with Leslie Jones.  “The reason clients produce unprecedented results like…

“…brought on two new partners and did $75K production by the end of February, half as much as in all of the preceding year.” –Susan Wilkinson, Blue Ridge Financial

“…did 2 1/2 times my monthly goal.” Kerryl Johnson, Wholesaler (Vantage Group)

“…transferred firms, brought over most of the assets and best clients, brought in $7.5MM in new assets, placed $3.5MM in new fee business, maintained the same gross production, all in the worst bear market in 70 years.” –Joy Ellison VP, UBS

…is that they were guided by effective soul-searching before jumping into action.” –Leslie Jones, President, InnerActive Institute

He has also worked individually with lawyers, doctors, painters, accountants, electrical and construction contractors, clergy, domestic engineers, even a food-&-wine critic. “It is crucial that organizations and communities recognize the need to invest in the ongoing growth of their human resources,” writes “Doc.”  His book LISTEN:  technology for living is in the last stages of preparation for publication.

He maintains that health and meditation are crucial factors in producing these results. “Doc” is an avid swimmer, classical pianist, and counts among his highest achievements summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in August of 2000.



At the end of November I saw no way I was going to meet my production goals for December. Doc asked me to do something totally counterintuitive–create an artwork expressing the thought that it would be impossible to meet my production goals–which got me see that it was only my thinking about it that was in the way. Once I got the thought literally out of my head and I put my mind to work on the possibility of meeting my production goals, I could be clever, and it turned out to be quite doable. In fact, I did 2 1/2 times my monthly goal. Doc really helped me realign with my power.

─Kerryl Johnson, Wholesaler (Vantage)

Martin has been instrumental in identifying professional and personal roadblocks that limit the potential for success. Once identified, Martin helps cultivate the tools necessary to overcome these obstacles on an ongoing basis. The result is a highly motivated and efficient mode of self, team, and business operations. I highly recommend his services.

–Jason Wickes, Director of Operations at Proscan Imaging

I love Doc’s patience and ability to see through my noise, give me clarity as to what I’m really saying and then helping me refocus on those things that are important. Also, Doc’s relationship coaching is fantastic, his ability to help me see things in my client- and personal relationships is amazing. It has probably saved my marriage and enabled me to have a great relationship with my son.

─Mike Maffia, Wholesaler Asset Management Products

What I have gotten from my weekly coaching call with Doc is focus on my higher self and true purpose.

When I started coaching with Doc, I was in the middle of a difficult career decision. After just one coaching session with Doc, he said, without hesitation, “Take the deal to transfer firms.” With Doc’s weekly support, I went forward and never looked back, I transferred firms, brought over most of the assets and best clients, and I brought in $7.5 in new assets, placed $3.5 million in new fee business, and maintained the same gross production as the year I left my previous firm.

These three achievements would be remarkable for any financial advisor in 2002, given the worst bear market in 70 years, but let me also add that I moved to my dream home, 200 miles away from the office, and it works! I accomplished all this, with Doc’s help, while recovering from a painful ski accident, too. I’d say Doc’s expertise is worth it.

─Joy Ellison, VP, UBS

My wife Michelle and I had our physicals today for our life insurance applications and the results were rather impressive.

Both our blood pressures were the lowest we’ve ever had (105/72 & 102/68)…and my heart rate came in at 48 beats per minute. Relaxed much?? Scientific proof that a life of Mastery (and San Diego retreats) are good for the mind AND body.

–Frank Bless, Founder of Endeavor Inc. Financial Consulting

My problem-solving skills are much improved since working with Doc.

–Loy Gotham, Stiefel, Nicolaus Inc.

Martin is one of the most insightful people I have ever met. His ability to listen deeply, while placing his own “stuff” to the side, is the key to how he helps one find one’s own way to the truth. Doc helped me, in the face of the worst recession in a century, to tap the power within myself to go from renting an apartment and freelancing to owning a home and making a good salary.
–Marlowe Fawcette, International Producer/Editor at New Frontier Media
When I first started working with Marty I was unhappy at my job, stressed out, working too much and had way too little time for myself and my family.

Since then I quit my job, started a new business, and am making more money. I am doing what I want and loving doing it (the funny thing is, it’s the same kind of work, just now it’s on my own terms).

I also have more time for myself; I drop my kids off in the morning, go on more bike rides, have time for my Yoga, and have time to tend my garden.

My next goal is to add a zero to my paychecks without having to change the quality of my life-or even make it more of what I love. You’ll be hearing back from me! Thanks Marty!

–David Burson, Rocky Mountain Mortgage

Before I started working with Martin, I was lost, unhappy and itching to get out on my own. My thoughts were negative and I was only holding myself back from reaching my potential. Once I concluded my work with Martin, I moved into my own place and found the best job for me. I was able to accomplish this with his help and the realization that I do have the power to make these changes.

–Hillary Conklin, Assistant to Chairman/CEO at Sklar Exploration Company LLC

Doc has coached me to clear the old clunkers occupying the parking spaces in my mind to make way for new, shiny and VERY FAST cars, any one of which I can get into at a moment’s notice to get where I want to get.

What I’ve accomplished with Doc: 1) recognized and accepted…a bitter divorce, 2) am in a stable, happy relationship, 3) have the mental freedom to have the creativity and confidence and trust in myself to look for, recognize and pursue opportunities that my old, clouded mind would never have seen, 4) have a new appreciation for the Matrix and think it should be required viewing in any coaching relationship, 5) know a gremlin isn’t just a car, 6) have a new voice in my head providing wisdom and patience, and the power to get the world I want, 7) have a new fan in, and am a huge fan of, Doc.

─Paul Moses, VP, UBS

Life has changed so much since working with Marty. I am experiencing the most intimate communication I ever have in more than 20 years. It makes life a richer experience for all of us. Thank you for opening my world. Slowly those around me either don’t know what to do with me, or they shift.
─Ken Higgins, La Jolla CA Artist

Marty has an exceptional intellect and a big heart. He’s proffesional and is not afraid to challenge his clients on the most profound levels. Marty is really a great person and great change agent. I would put him at the top of my list.

Tony Kirkland, Founder Pathways Inc.

One of the main benefits of coaching with Marty is getting centered, keeping focused on my whole life. Being who I am.

I like it when Marty gets the edge, holding me accountable, calling the cards, especially since that accountability is connected with my purposes, goals, actions.

─Sean Bronzell,
Coaching has given me access to seeing how I can achieve success when I was resigned to having to settle for less than I wanted.
Through coaching I have kept my marriage intact. My wife and I have a baby.

─Tom Brown, Professor of Anthropology



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